PLUGD Processes

PLUGD Processes

In all our major markets around the world, we run the same PLUGD recruitment processes and criteria

  • PLUGD Screening

    Does the resume scream PLUGD? We’re looking for what might be a good match, whether it’s relevant education or experience, a competitive background or something that makes you seem truly unique. Our PLUGD recruiters personally review every application submitted before creating out PLUGD long-list

  • PLUGD Long-List

    Once we have a long-list, our PLUGD Experts will sit and personally meet each candidate to get a read of them in real life. Does the expectation match the reality? By having every PLUGD Expert go through a ground-up rotational program, it means they are uniquely positioned to make a judgment call on suitability within a short window of time and create a short-list of candidates to proceed with

  • PLUGD Experiential Day

    We bring shortlisted candidates in for an experiential day with the company. The chance to get to know an applicant properly, away from a desk (and over a coffee) helps us to match the right vacancy with the right person. It also allows an applicant to have a day experiencing what PLUGD life is like, meeting the team, seeing a campaign and being able to ask questions, before our PLUGD team sends feedback to PLUGD HQ

  • PLUGD Wrap-Up

    Once we have feedback, we sit with selected applicants for a wrap up. This is our chance to ask any final questions we have before we make a decision and an offer.

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