What Makes Someone PLUGD material?


We’re always looking for the best new talent in the industry, and because of our rotational training program we believe we can get almost anybody to a PLUGD standard. However a PLUGD candidate will tick the following boxes:


Usually with a background in sports or another competitive industry. A PLUGD member does whatever it takes to win!


With a passion for dealing with people, a PLUGD member is comfortable talking to ANYBODY and grabbing their attention, from Executives in a boardroom to the general public at a trade show.


We always work in fast-paced, shared work space offices so we would want someone who can thrive in a collaborative, millennial environment.


We work in a variety of industries, a PLUGD member is able to embody and enhance any brand.


We believe a winning culture stems from self-discipline. If it doesn’t enhance the brand, don’t do it. If it doesn’t add value, don’t do it.


We don’t believe in 9-5, a PLUGD member is excited about early mornings, late nights and putting in the extra effort in order to hit goals and deliver a PLUGD campaign.


Our team is drawn from a whole range of industries, ranging from pro-sports to hospitality, from musicians to writers. What makes us PLUGD is the sum of our parts.

Interested in joining our team?